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Idol White Review

Idol White

Idol White Review

I don’t know about you guys, but coffee totally runs my life. And so does wine. So those two things combined mean that my teeth aren’t as white as I’d like. Then again, we all seem to always want whiter teeth. The problem is that the food we eat and what we drink makes that almost impossible. I had tried those Crest White Strips, different types of whitening mouthwash, and a bunch of different brands of toothpaste. Everything worked a little bit, but there was never any kind of big change that I was looking for. And it would fade back to the gross yellow that I hated whenever I had an extra cup of coffee a day. I was either always brushing my teeth, or I was staring in the mirror and hating what I saw when I smiled. I wonder if that’s what prompted the duck face? Anyway, it was all downhill until I came across Idol White when looking around online.

Idol White

Idol White

Ever since then, my desire to have white teeth hasn’t affected my drinking or eating habits. Idol White has truly changed my life for the better. I was browsing for a new product to try in my desperation. This looked different from all of the other ones, and I liked the name. It gave me the impression that this was a product used by many celebrities. It was probably just the name, but whatever the reason, it got me adding the product to my cart and putting in my shipping information. I was really impressed with how fast Idol White arrived at my house, so before I had even opened the product, I was impressed and excited by it. It was the first sign I got that they really cared about their customers.

Happy Start using Idol White

I started using it after brushing my teeth was so impressed with how easy it was to use. It was just as simple as applying it and watching it do its magic! Idol White made a huge difference on my coffee stained teeth in only a week. I was so shocked that I started picking at my teeth, entirely convinced that there had to be some kind of paint on them or something. They were the same as always, though, and I was so impressed and excited that I ordered another tube of it right away.

Before I came across this product, I was putting up with oily gels and greasy creams that would smear all over my mouth and leave a disgusting aftertaste that made me gag. Other kinds would go on nicely, but then start to hurt my teeth and gums a couple of days into the treatment. Nothing totally worked, going from gross applications, to disgusting and painful side effects.

I have been using Idol White for a while now, and I have never once had any of these side effects. It is entirely free of any kind of sensitivity and I know that I am doing a good thing when putting it on my teeth, because there is nothing that will harm me in the product. I use Idol White regularly, now, and has it ever made a difference on my teeth! I love smiling now, and will shamelessly admit that I have joined the selfie obsession just to get my smile out there a little bit more online. I am so proud of it, and so glad that Idol White is in my life!

I understand that there are some of you that may be skeptical over it, I mean, we’ve all seen those ads in which people will vouch for a product that they haven’t tried for very long, but this is seriously one of the best products I have ever tried in my life. It works fast, it’s clean and there is no clean-up from application, it’s cheap, and it’s totally side effect free! I mean, what’s not to love about this awesome product?

The only complaint that I have – and it’s a small one compared to the other advantages I have explained – is that sometimes it can be hard to get ahold of. They tend to be sold out online a lot, and while this is great for their business, it’s not so great for ours. I’m so glad that they’ve got a great list of clientele because this product should be widely consumed, but it makes it hard and frustrating at times to get ahold of. So, I personally recommend getting a large order of Idol White so that you never have to worry about that day where you wake up to find that you just emptied your last tube a while back and there is none in stock.

Look, I get that you are not totally sure about products like this one without trying them. There are so many scams like Idol White out there that it makes sense to be skeptical. But, the truth is, Crest White Strips just aren’t going to cut it when you’re a regular coffee and wine drinker like most of us are. It may seem like a gamble on trying this new product, but Idol White is an excellent investment, and there is not much money lost if it turns out you don’t like that (though I’m sure you won’t, it’s basically the perfect product). Just give it a try and see if it’s the right product for you! What have you got to lose by trying it, anyway?

Our teeth are important because they help us look good professionally but healthy teeth also crucial to an overall healthy lifestyle. If you are brushing as you should be and treating your teeth well, that’s great, but some of us just can’t get sparkling white teeth because it’s simply not possible with whatever genetics we have. There’s nothing wrong with accepting a helping hand once in a while, so go ahead and try Idol White, you will so impressed and excited that you’ll have a shelf full of it at home.

This is my opinion and if you want to read more about Idol White, check out the official website.

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